Fast, affordable Tri-color displays, without the hassles...

TextTally by Howman Controls!

Does your tri-color display wish list look like this?

  • Instant tally updates - no discernable delay between button push and color change
  • Zero rack space - small enough to mount in front of monitor controls
  • Flicker-free display - no "jiggles", "ripples", or "starfields", even viewed up close
  • Rack-mounted power supply - no "wall-warts" in the back of the rack
  • Rugged Packaging - equipment you can mount up and forget
  • Centralized data distribution - no "repeaters" between displays
  • Self-contained display - no extra "interface hardware" to hide behind the rack
  • Simplified cabling - one cable per display, carrying power and data
  • Instant on - powers up to working condition, no resetting or adjustment needed
  • Easy connection - loop data and power through one display into another
  • Retrofit ready - mount and wire from the front of the rack in existing monitor walls

  • We used your wish list...

    when we developed TextTally - the latest addition
    to the Howman Controls Tally4 family of broadcast tally products.


    Depth: 1.4"

    Width: 9.0"

    9 Tri-color 5x7 LED displays

    Six tally states - red, green, or yellow, plus bright/dim

    Lens:1/8" bronze acrylic

    Enclosure:22 gauge stainless steel

    16 Pin ribbon provides 9 VDC power and RS-485 data.

    Up to 6 units may be daisy-chained on each ribbon.

    Can be installed on front of rack when the back is inaccessible.

    Recessed pushbuttons for address selection.
    Up to 240 displays can be driven by a single data source.
    Unit address and current display information are saved in EEPROM for instant power-up.

    Designed from the ground up specifically for the broadcast industry

  • The speed, reliability, and industrial ruggedness you expect from Tally4 systems
  • The convenience of source ID and the versatility of multi-color tally
  • Serial connection to the Tally4 system cuts wiring costs without sacrificing speed
  • Rack mounted power/data distribution means solid, single point connections
  • EEPROM data storage - powers up right where it was, each and every time

  • Two R.U. power/data distribution frame provides power for up to 20 displays on nine individual ribbons. Power to each ribbon is isolated with solid state fuses, data with individual RS-485 line drivers. Optional CPU card provides advanced features like clock and time code inputs, router name queries, and multiple device interfacing.

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