I’m Phil Howman, and I help CFOs, Controllers, and their teams to build better finance functions.

Why me?

  1. I get finance – I’m an accountant who has worked for small and large organisations, including managing a shared service centre. So I know the challenge of juggling business as usual and implementing change.
  2. I know how things work – I got the theory with my MBA, then learned about business processes when working on reengineering projects for Deloitte. Since then, I’ve worked on finance operating models – from redesigning individual processes to transforming finance functions.
  3. I understand change – I’m a project manager (PMP, PSM 1), focusing on the business side of change. I’ve supported system implementations, integration of an acquisition, and the introduction of shared services.

For more detail, please visit check out my LinkedIn profile. And while you’re there, let’s connect.

A little more about me

I’m practical, easy to work with, enjoy solving problems and making life easier for people.

A Kiwi, but I’ve been calling Sydney home since 2000.

And when I’m taking a break from projects, I’ll either be exploring NSW on my motorbike or trying to keep the sailboard heading in the right direction!