Work with Phil

There are two ways I can help you and your team. 

If these are of interest or you’ve got questions, please phone or get in touch via the contact page.

I work both in-office and remotely, and fees are based on the size of your project and the results to be delivered.


1. Deliver your finance project


I help with projects that aren’t straightforward. They’re going to:

  • Change how finance works (processes, roles & responsibilities, technology) and
  • Impact multiple stakeholders, inside and outside of finance

Here are a few examples of how I can help:

Project managing the implementation of a new finance system, working with the finance team, tech team and software implementation partners

Managing the finance stream of the integration of an acquisition, working with the finance team and other business functions

Project managing the introduction or expansion of finance shared services

2. Transform your finance function


Sometimes one project isn’t enough to get the step change you want, and that’s when you need to start thinking about finance transformation.

There are two approaches to consider:

  • Traditional
  • Integrated
I can help you pick the right one, and I’ve done enough of this work to help you steer around the obstacles and get the desired results.


You need a lot of work done in a fixed time and can commit dedicated resources.

We’d follow a structured methodology going from design to implementation.


You see transformation as a process tied into annual planning.

Using ideas from agile, we’d build a backlog of work and deliver it using your finance team during the next 12 months. And then repeat the process next year.

This approach is also an excellent way to get “unstuck” if you’ve got a backlog of improvement projects you want to get off your whiteboard.